Sunday, September 19, 2004

About the North Woods Coffee House & Gallery

For a while there, The MWT was performing every other week at the North Woods Coffeehouse & Gallery and  in Atlanta, Michigan.

The owner, John Zollars, has created an environment that is warm and comfortable, yet stimulating.  Paintings, sculptures, and pottery are showcased everywhere, worked around the deeply-colored decor and antique memorabilia that are an interesting attraction in their own right.  Local newspapers and zines are made available, and loitering is encouraged.

John presents special concerts once a month (maybe more often, later) where an audience of about 35 can enjoy the most talented acoustic acts around the region.

He actually went to the trouble to provide an actual stage and some professional lighting instruments to give performers the advantage of being seen--something often overlooked in small venues nowadays.

If you come through "northeast upper lower Michigan," stop by 12315 State Street (the main drag) In Atlanta!  (For more info, call the gallery at 989-785-4650)