Thursday, April 13, 2006

Palm Sunday Concert SRO

We had a wonderful time Palm Sunday at the Pleasant Valley (Free Methodist) Church, and, as our headline states, it was packed!  Pastor Mitch Vader said they will try to find a larger facility to accomodate next year's crowd. We opened the evening, so we got to relax and enjoy all of the other 12 performances.

The highlight of the evening for Whitt was getting Brother Ed to help everyone clap on the backbeat on our first song, "Sent."  About 70% of the crowd accomplished it, with 20% insisting on the downbeat, and 10% covering both.  All God's children do have rhythm, it seems; however, not all can be led!

There was a beautiful spirit about the entire event--joyful and worshipful--and Gloria Lynne is to be congratulated on putting the program together and the graceful way she dealt with the inevitable last-minute surprises.  We didn't get the name of the two ladies from the church who put on the fabulous snack and dessert buffet, but they did a terrific job, as well!  (burp)