Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So, Soo Us!

This is, as usual for us, late; so, in essence that makes it right on time! If you buy that logic, we're expecting a shipment of snow we think you'd like--and we ship UP-S!

                                         We had the privilege of playing at

                                      the 34th Sault Summer Arts Festival,

(held on the grounds of the beautiful "River of Time" Museum) and (unlike last year's "fires of Hades" weather) it was slighly overcast and very comfortable.


 Tearing ourselves away from the amazing array of hand crafted art, we performed twice that afternoon to the expert sound engineering of             



Taylor Brugman of Lake Street Studio, who always seems to be having more fun than the usual audio engineer.  Maybe it's 'cause he's totally immersed in several really cool projects all at once.  Check out one of them at


Between performances we made some friends and snacked royally from the gourmet buffet provided by 

       Simon Couvier                                                             SuperSimon

(the lady who, against all odds, fills the stage with talent all day every year) and we even sneaked away to play tourist at the Soo Locks.


The only way to get a picture of the whole deal for you, was to show you the one in the visitor's center, with Judy's guitar player in front. 


Great Day!  Our thanks especially to Jean JonesJeanatherpost who makes the event happen every year, and shares her lovely home on Lake Superior, her lovely husband, Chuck, and her paper-pickin' dog, Bart, with us.  

On our way home, we had to stop and let Judy satisfy her lust for world domination with a little stroll on the "Mini-Mac".


If you're up that way next Aug 1st, be sure to enjoy this event.  There'll be so much going on you'll want to make a day of it!