Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MWT plays Branson...really!!

Remember, you can see videos on our "welcome" and "gigs" pages!

We have a lot to share about the fabled, recently-tornadoed capital of mid-American entertainment, Branson, Missooruh; so, we'll do this in installments, beginning with our actual booking at a lovely mid-town RV resort called "Treasure Lake."  This beautiful member-owned facility has almost 600 spaces, as well as a tent camping area, and a number of "park models" and rental units!

We performed in the clubhouse shown above.  The building on the right is the heated poolhouse.
There's a small gym, a well-equipped game room, video library and theatre, diner (great fries), and, of course, showroom.


Here's a shot of Whitt,
warming up his axe onstage...

...and, the best part--our audience!

This good-looking section grew as folks realized they might want to see what was going on, and dragged their chairs over from...

 ...the sides. 
The right side finally filled completely, but when it was time to snap their shot, it was just these stubborn few who wouldn't budge.

The left side filled in last, long after these folks gave us a big "Howdy." 
Notice how blurry they were.  (They may have been drinking!)

Man, some folks took their time gettin' to the show, and found out that even though they missed a chunk of fun, there was still plenty left.

This is the Lodge, featuring extensive library, dining room, ice machine, TV, etc...

We had a great visit, and Becky Phillips, the Activity Director is a wonderful new friend. 

Thanks, Becky, for making us feel so welcome,
and all the kindnesses you extended to us!                               

Stay tuned for more Branson coverage.
                                                Hope to see ya out there!