Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The glass is half full...

It's the day before the gig we've been looking forward to most on this tour--a luncheon performance for the "Keenagers" of Geyer Springs Baptist Church.  We've wanted to point our efforts more in the gospel direction, and this is an opportunity to share music The Lord has given us which is certainly not appropriate for secular venues.
Here's our set-up at a typical retirement venue.

Isn't it sad we have to play (and often stay overnight) in such terrible environments?

Then, of course, the Branson show.

This is always a great crowd, but they look a little blurry; perhaps they had been drinking.  (There were as many other folks off on each side, but, they were sitting (hopefully not walking) in darkness.

Becky put us up in a sweet little air-conditioned cabin for two nights!

We've enjoyed some wonderful hospitality lately from our friends Gary & "Patsy" Crain, who perform as"Gomer & Patsy."  They came from Searcy, Arkansas to catch our show at Treasure Lake RV Resort in Branson, and we stayed to see theirs the next day; then we followed them home for great food, fellowship, and fun.

It's always great to make friends with other talents who are out beating their heads against the same challenges we are. 

The heat, by the way, is in the 90s with humidity waaay higher than we grew up with, and no air conditioning, leaving us relying on fans (not the adoring kind).  We have two that run on 12 volts when we're not "plugged in," and four that run full blast when we are.  It's almost enough, and by 6 am we're pretty comfortable until 8 or 8:30, when the temp starts to climb again;  then it's off to whatever air-conditioned shelter we can rent for the price of coffee or a taco.  Today, it's good ol' Panera, internet cafe to, well, everyone, evidently.
Tonight we'll plug in by the kitchen door to the church, play there tomorrow, and, after a retirement community show on Thursday, we'll start loafing toward Nashville (which is completely different from slouching toward Gomorrah) where we'll visit one of our two favorite daughters, Jordan.
We'll share more soon; meanwhile,
hope to see you out there!