Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New songs in drydock

Well, the folks at Geyer Springs Baptist were just as much fun as the last time, and the lunch even better!  (...Better than the last lunch, not better than the folks, just to be clear.)

Had a great visit with our daughter, Jordan, in Nashville.  We don't do much sightseeing there--seldom worth the traffic--so we figured we needed at least a shot of a sign that actually said "Nashville."
Unfortunately, we didn't think of that until a little later; so this is a sign in Nashville, Indiana.

Cool sign, though, don't you think?

And those aren't weeds.  They're wildflowers.

Seriously, we did commit a perfectly touristy act by touring the famous Opryland Hotel "Lobby," actually a waterway garden that winds through the whole facility.

Fortunately for us seniors, they had provided lots of nice places to 
SIT DOWN for a while.
Here's one...
...and a typical view...
...and a view enhanced by a figure in the foreground.

It's all indoors, of course; but the fish, birds, ducks, and geese didn't mind.

Then we bid a cheese fondue to the South and headed for port in Michigan once more for a long winter's work, Judy as Girl's Dean for the same Christian Boarding School, and Whitt bracing for a steep learning curve as he jettisons the ancient technologies he learned back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and attempts to embrace--yea, even begin to grasp--the most modern tools of our humble trade.

Watch this space (and our other pages!) to see how he does.

On a good news note, a couple of new gospel songs have come down, and we've cranked out a good deal of new comedy songs and material.  Have to admit, life ashore has its points; like leaving the studio set up and the files out where they can be worked.  A kitchen and washer and dryer and shower help, too!

Hope to see you around the site.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The glass is half full...

It's the day before the gig we've been looking forward to most on this tour--a luncheon performance for the "Keenagers" of Geyer Springs Baptist Church.  We've wanted to point our efforts more in the gospel direction, and this is an opportunity to share music The Lord has given us which is certainly not appropriate for secular venues.
Here's our set-up at a typical retirement venue.

Isn't it sad we have to play (and often stay overnight) in such terrible environments?

Then, of course, the Branson show.

This is always a great crowd, but they look a little blurry; perhaps they had been drinking.  (There were as many other folks off on each side, but, they were sitting (hopefully not walking) in darkness.

Becky put us up in a sweet little air-conditioned cabin for two nights!

We've enjoyed some wonderful hospitality lately from our friends Gary & "Patsy" Crain, who perform as"Gomer & Patsy."  They came from Searcy, Arkansas to catch our show at Treasure Lake RV Resort in Branson, and we stayed to see theirs the next day; then we followed them home for great food, fellowship, and fun.

It's always great to make friends with other talents who are out beating their heads against the same challenges we are. 

The heat, by the way, is in the 90s with humidity waaay higher than we grew up with, and no air conditioning, leaving us relying on fans (not the adoring kind).  We have two that run on 12 volts when we're not "plugged in," and four that run full blast when we are.  It's almost enough, and by 6 am we're pretty comfortable until 8 or 8:30, when the temp starts to climb again;  then it's off to whatever air-conditioned shelter we can rent for the price of coffee or a taco.  Today, it's good ol' Panera, internet cafe to, well, everyone, evidently.
Tonight we'll plug in by the kitchen door to the church, play there tomorrow, and, after a retirement community show on Thursday, we'll start loafing toward Nashville (which is completely different from slouching toward Gomorrah) where we'll visit one of our two favorite daughters, Jordan.
We'll share more soon; meanwhile,
hope to see you out there!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

At Large Once More!

Well, we don’t feel right saying “on the road again” due to copyright and triteness issues; but, here we are, sailing down the asphalt and concrete ribbons that make it possible for performers who can’t afford to fly to reach folks for a little fun.

From Owosso, we journeyed to Lansing, practically 40 miles away, where we performed for seniors at one of America’s premiere retirement communities and stayed the night.

Yes, it was a silly short trip, but the overnight on a luxurious mattress in air-conditioned comfort was most welcome after a rather trying and tiring two weeks getting ready to go.  We stayed ready to go for five years; then, with Judy’s opportunity to minister at a Christian boarding school, we went “ashore.”  Not all that amusing how difficult it was to gear up again; but, thanks to dear brother Jack, the van is in better shape than it has been for a couple of solar laps.

So, we’re at it again, only this time we’re headed south for the summer!  We anticipate losing some weight—sleep in the van, wring out the mattress in the morning.  (Ewwww!)

After a fine lunch from our hosts, we’ll be wending toward Columbus, Indiana.  Whitt spent the happiest (also the most medically challenged) part of his childhood in the country outside Terre Haute; so he always enjoys seeing Hoosierland. 

We’re committed to staying in touch here, so come back and check in.  We’ll have some photos next time.
Hope to see you out there!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Late, Summer Early (Sum just show up!)

In typical “Tubhead” fashion we are way overdue with an update.
In our defense (or excuse) this winter zipped by so fast our zipper got caught in a fold of circumstance and by the time we got it loose, we were out of it.  Time, that is.  Seems it’s cut on the bias, who knew?

Judy, having taken a position (as she is prone to do when it’s time for a stand) as Girls Dean at Spring Vale Academy (a Christian boarding school in Michigan) was completely occupied with learning the ropes (no tying up of girls is allowed btw). 
Meanwhile, Whitt worked on getting “The Mighty Creampuff” (that’s our van, not our driver) roadworthy again, among other chores and projects.

We are now just about a week away from lovingly patting the road (we would never hit it!) for June and July and are trying to get our travel legs back under us.  Remind us again: how do you fit the basic accoutrements of life into a van and just forget about everything else and drive away?
After the first week of “Rats! I left that on the counter!” we’ll no doubt settle in nicely, since we traveled for five years straight before
landing here.

Judy loved working with the young ladies at Spring Vale and intends to do it again this coming school year!
Whitt has more than enough to keep him busy and has some exciting new Washtub Two projects he’ll unveil in the fall.

We’re headed to Kansas City, Branson, Hot Springs, Little Rock, and then Nashville to visit our baby daughter. Then we head home through Louisville, Indianapolis, & Ft. Wayne, and finally back to anchor in Michigan.  We’ll try to make regular entries with photos so you can see what we are up to.  Won’t that be exciting?

Don’t forget, we love to hear from you.  Even though we make new friends wherever we go, we still miss the “old” ones and the good times we shared.

Hope to see you out there!