"Wow" That's what all our owners were saying when The McKinney Washtub Two performed here at Treasure Lake. This was a truly fun show that not only
kept you laughing
but was a very entertaining show geared for all age groups.  Young and old will love these two very talented folks, playing every instrument you can imagine, and we are already planning on having them for another performance.
It is not often easy to find good clean, wholesome entertainment like this.
I would recommend them to anyone. Be prepared to laugh and have a great time!!!"
Becky Phillips
Entertainment Director
 Treasure Lake
Branson, MO.

"We had a really good night with the Washtub and
everyone commented on how much they enjoyed your performance.
Brock Laing
Entertainment Director
Rio Valley Estates, Weslaco. TX.

You put on a great show! 
Activity Director
Green acres RV, Mission, TX.

 "Some of 'em laughed so hard their ribs are gonna be sore!"
Arnold Gerke
Activity Committee President
4 Seasons RV Park
Zapata, TX.

"The McKinney Washtub Two did an awesome performance in our park. They have the best variety of musicality, wit, humor and fun in their show that I have experienced. Audience participation is encouraged and
everyone who attended their show, thoroughly enjoyed their time. It was a great experience
to have The McKinney Washtub Two at our 55+ park. Their program is for all ages to enjoy."
John & Ruth Dearinger,
Mangers of VIP La Feria RV Park
La Feria, TX.

"Wow! Yesterday's performance at our November birthday party was GREAT!
 People are still talking this morning about
how much they enjoyed the entertainment.
We loved your humor, and your repertoire. along with
all of your unique instruments.

Please let us know when you will next be in our area,
we would love for you to come again".
Denise Hiller, Activities Director
Jan Hinton, Resident Services Assistant
The Oaks of Louisiana

"It was a fun filled show with old songs some of us didn't even know that we had forgotten, and favorites we all sang along to, interspersed with comedy songs, jokes, and just an old fashioned good time! We look forward to having Whitt and Judy at another of our events in the future."
Nick Russell
Publisher of Gypsy Journal 
Head Honcho of the Gypsy Journal RV Rallys

"The McKinney Washtub Two were one of the best RV Rally acts we've seen"
Greg White
Author of blog 
(Gypsy Journal's Nick Russell's right-hand man)
You guys did us all a lot of good last night. We thoroughly enjoyed you.  Your show is polished and well paced. It has a much broader appeal than the name would imply.
You certainly live up to all the nice reviews
I've read.
Please contact us when next you are coming our way."
Myra Reece,
Founding member and board of director member for
West Texas Bluegrass & Traditional Music Association.
Lubbock, TX
"You guys were great! You were a total surprise to me.
 I had read all about you, but I really had no idea until I saw you!"
Mary Swanson,
Oregon Good Sam State director

"I have been playing your CDs over and over in my pickup everytime I go somewhere and it seems that each time through I hear something I missed before. Your comic timing is a lot of what makes it work so well.
I hear that over and over in your back and forth in your work.
I'm thoroughly enjoying that stuff and I like your harmony too!"
David Page,
Oregon Samboree attendee & Good Sam member

"Only one problem with their performance--it was only one hour!"
Jim & Judie Siseo,
Cross Creek RV Resort, Arcadia, FL.

"You guys did a great show, and I noticed that the audience agreed!!!!
That's what it's all about!!"
Jean Hewitt,
Sarasota Folk Club
Sarasota Sailing Squadron Yacht Club Concert Booker
Sarasota, FL
"The best show I've seen in 14 years of RVing!"
Carol Karpeck,
Ocala Sun RV Resort patron

"The most fun I've had in a long time!"
Clarence Rosa,
MC &  Mgr.,
"The Hungry Ear Coffee House,"
Atlanta, GA

"You guys are wonderful! I'm totally captivated by Judy's voice. In fact you gave me goosebumps. I'm struck by the energy and intelligence in your material. And can't help but wonder why everyone across the country has not heard of the McKinney Washtub Two."
Zeke Sinclair Browning
Shamas & Barry Award nominated Author

"I'm impressed with your music, and so are some of my listeners!
Per your permission,I'll play a tune or two from them
on the weekly Shady Grove Web Radio shows.
Did you hear the two songs I lifted from your Web site? They're gems!"
Ken Laing
Shady Grove Web Radio Host

"This is no ordinary band...this duo does songs known to all of us...with a twist.
The show included a lot of audience participation on many songs &
lots of laughs. At one point I was laughing  so hard I was crying!!
If you ever get the chance to see this duo, I highly recommend it."
Deb Chambers,
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI
"Ghost Chickens' was inspired!"
Dennis Kingsbury
Performer and Co-host of "Live from the Living Room at the Blue Note"
Pontiac, Michigan

"I have been laughing over my first cups of coffee, listening to your humorous musical tracks online...and would love to airplay your material and share it with our listeners."
Lilli Kuzma,
Host and producer of "Folk Fest"
WDCB FM Public Radio
"Speaking of good health, we all know  about the benefits of great
music and laughter....We had the good fortune to see a live show that just
knocked us out:  The McKinney Washtub Two.  Whitt and Judy
McKinney to be more precise...a show just jam packed with groaner
punch lines, great musicianship, knee-slapping funny lyrics, political
satire, etc.  The more we listened, the more we laughed and the more
we were impressed.  It was truly a magical music experience...".
Kevin Kincaid,
(former) booker for Ed 'n' Joe's, Chicago area, IL.

"Listening to your repertoire was a delight."
Al Grund,

Host of Grass Lake Folk Festival
"You guys act out the song so well, it's like being inside the song!"
Basil DeFore
(former) Board of Directors
Open Mic Prod. Inc.
"I just logged onto your web site and had a great time! What a blast!"
Jean Jones
The Sault Ste. Marie Summer Arts Festival

"I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your CD.  It is so much fun...I have added it to my folk/bluegrass mp3 rotation, which gets me through many a dull Monday morning.
This is great stuff you've got here. I'd love to hear more."
Josh Way

"Our guest artists, The McKinney Washtub Two (Judy and Whitt McKinney)
are a polished act, and great fun...
They put in a very fine performance, and I hope they will be able to return.
Lynn Hefferan
The Fabulous Heftones

"The McKinneys are delightful, utilizing humor and sound musicianship to
completely entertain their fans."
"Thanks to the fabulous McKinney Washtub Two for their hilarious musical parodies and renditions.
I don't know when I've had such a good time! You should have heard...Ghost Chickens! Aaawkkk"
Maggie Ferguson,
Host of "The Old Front Porch" Radio show WXOU,
Performer and Co-host of "Live from the Living Room at the Blue Note" Acoustic Showcase
Pontiac, Michigan.

"I had my doubts as to whether or not it'd be to my tastes, but it's really great!...
I wasn't expecting such a humorous approach to the whole thing. 
Whitt's intros are bloody hilarious (yours are too!)  It's classic stuff! Thanks again!"
John Nolan,
University student, Ireland