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Whitt & Judy,
 "The Washtub Two"...
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Now, watch this collection of highlights from our show!
Then, check out these highlights of 
our second concert set with a Western theme!

Some nice things said about The Two by folks whose taste we can't help but admire:
  "The McKinney Washtub Two did an awesome performance in our park. They have the best variety of musicality, wit, humor and fun in their show that I have experienced. Audience participation is encouraged and everyone who attended their show thoroughly enjoyed their time. It was a great experience to have The McKinney Washtub Two at our 55+ park. Their program is for all ages to enjoy."
--John & Ruth Dearinger
Mangers of VIP La Feria RV Park
La Feria, TX.

"It was a fun filled show with old songs some of us didn't even know that we had forgotten, and favorites we all sang along to, interspersed with comedy songs, jokes, and just an old fashioned good time! We look forward to having Whitt and Judy at another of our events in the future."
--Nick Russell
Publisher of Gypsy Journal 
Head Honcho of the Gypsy Journal RV Rallies
"The McKinney Washtub Two were one of the best RV Rally acts we've seen"
--Greg White
Author of ourrvadventures.com blog
(and Gypsy Journal's Nick Russell's right-hand man)
You guys did us all a lot of good last night. We thoroughly enjoyed you.  Your show is polished and well paced. It has a much broader appeal than the name would imply. You certainly live up to all the nice reviews I've read. Please contact us when next you are coming our way."
--Myra Reece
Founding member and board of director member for
West Texas Bluegrass & Traditional Music Association.
Lubbock, TX
"You guys were great! You were a total surprise to me.
 I had read all about you, but I really had no idea until I saw you!"
--Mary Swanson
Oregon Good Sam State director
"I have been playing your CDs over and over in my pickup every time I go somewhere and it seems that each time through I hear something I missed before. Your comic timing is a lot of what makes it work so well.  I hear that over and over in your back and forth in your work.
I'm thoroughly enjoying that stuff and I like your harmony too!"
--David Page
Oregon Samboree attendee & Good Sam member

"Only one problem with their performance-it was only one hour!" 
--Jim & Judie Siseo, Cross Creek RV Resort, Arcadia, FL.

                                       Special thanks
to  Josh Way www.joshway.com, a talented webmaster, artist and general bon vivant, who designed and produced our first website, (when we could barely afford gas money to get to our gigs!) and Donna "Froggi" McNichols, donnamcnicol.com offered to move what she could to this site, so we could (hopefully) keep up with the site ourselves as Josh has gone on to bigger and better things.

Also Jeff Felmlee who has been our patron and without whose help we might not be where we are. Thanks, Jeff! Special thanks also to the late Bud Miles, who built Judy's ukulele and fashioned tuners for her banjo-uke, rescued from the landfill by the late (and missed) Roger Brown. And a perennial "thank you" to Cynthia Defore who patiently took publicity and album pictures of us into the wee hours of the morning when we first started out. Thanks Cyndi!  (Our most recent shots were done by Natasha Smith, wonderfully patient as well as talented.)

We would never have been able to do what we are doing without the help of these dear friends.

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