Monday, January 31, 2005

No, we're not back...We never left!

Our trip south was put on hold 'til next winter, and we are currently hiding from the myriad of friends and fans to whom we said "Good-bye."  It's either hide or return all the lavish going-away gifts and throw them a party!

Although we were really looking forward to lying on a beach somewhere and flinging monkeys at the coconuts, we had a suspicion our van wasn't up to the trip.  Whitt is quite the shadetree mechanic, and his acute senses discovered the engine was missing a little.  Okay, it was missing completely.  We hope when the snow thaws we'll find it in the driveway.

Winter is a great time in Mt. Misbegot for getting things done inside, bringing in wood, getting caught up on various projects, bringing in wood, talking on the phone, bringing in wood...well, you get the idea.

We recently went to a great birthday bash at the Wolverine Camp for Will Rowland, one half of the great duo "Floodgate".  Ann (another half) put on a delicious spread. She looked just great in it.  Lots of good food and good music.  Will is in his 40s now.  He turned 40-10.

This coming Thursday (Feb 3rd), we're going to sneak into the Northwoods Gallery and Coffeehouse in Atlanta (MI) to listen to The Posey Lake Akademy Band.  This is a quartet, now, since Claudia Wolper has been playing first class bass (different then first base) for them.  Bob Miller holds forth as their "leader," being Dean of the Akademy, playing a wide variety of instruments with his gift for melodies.  Jim Daws serves as usurper, spokesperson, guitarist, and bodhran beater par excellence.  Marty (whose last name is too obscene to include here) plays squeezebox with equal parts skill and alacrity.  We'll be the ones in the groucho noses and glasses.  We may don a disguise as well. Hope to see some of you there, depending on how much of you is visible.

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