Sunday, March 13, 2005

Big Night Out In The Hinterlands

We tippy-tired down to Mio last night in our dear old decrepit van and attended a benefit concert for the Nor'east'r Folk Festival, a local fest getting ready for its third annual in June.  (We played the first year, and haven't been asked back; so, it must be a really high-class deal, right?)

We caught up with Bob and Ellen Doster, Tex Ragsdale, and Bob "Doc" Mariott, or "Death By Accordion," as they are known collectively. We enjoyed their Irish pub music without having to dodge any stray bottles or take up second-hand smoking again.  Great fun!  Good songs!  We always enjoy talking with them--great sense of humor, every one, and, since they're closer to our age, none of that indulging-the-old-folks attitude we get from the likes of Seth and Daisy Mae and other such whippersnappers who sing and play better than they should at their age anyway.

The second act, "Mustard's Retreat," is the duo of Michael Hough and David Tamulevich. These two guys have been together for 31 years, so when they sing an acapella folk song, the harmonies just soar--actual traditional sound!  ("Shenandoah," especially--one of Whitt's faves.)They did a variety of songs, from the typical singer-songwriter stuff to some very cute Michigan humor tunes and an original by Michael about a voyageur and his Indian wife and their part in the war between the British and French at the fort at Detroit.

Both these groups have CDs, websites, and itineraries; if they show up near you, we recommend them both!

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