Thursday, December 21, 2006


Merry Christmas!

 Okay, we're not on the road, yet; but, by golly, we're in the driveway, headed for the curb!

Of course, we thought we'd be spending Christmas somewhere around Nashville and Atlanta with our kids. Since that hasn't happened, we're in yuletide limbo, shuffling boxes from one half-empty room to another, a few strings of blinking colored lights hastily slung around the windows.

The accumulation of 12 years' stuff is a lot to sort through, and each item becomes a decision of great portent. What must we have with us? What is worth storing?  What is worth an attempt to sell it?  What should be sown?  What simply discarded?  We are daily mindful of the parable of the rich man who built another barn to hold his burgeoning goods.  How much of our ever-shortening life is any of these things worth?  And, is it pure vegtable shortening?  Time for a cookie.

We promise to let you all know when we finally break free of the ice pack and can go with the floe.  We are aching to get back to the music and only the music.  We miss seeing you all!  Please let us know how you're doing.

Oh, and the best of New Years to you!



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