Friday, March 30, 2007

April's Fools

Now that we've thawed enough to feel our fingers again, we
thought we'd limber them up by contacting our friends.
First we'd like to invite you all out to The Annual Palm
Sunday Concert this coming Sunday
, April 1st (no joke!), at the Comins
Community Center just 2 blocks east of M33 in beautiful downtown Comins. It's a
free event, open to the public and has been so popular they keep having to find
larger places to hold it! It starts at 5 pm and there'll be a dozen or so
different musical groups--bluegrass, country, contemporary and, well-- us! It's
always an uplifting time of music, fellowship, and cookies!  (Wives, don't
forget to mention the cookies to your husbands!)
In other news, we just enjoyed participating in
Handrich Farm Supply's 60th Anniversary celebration. These are great folks, so,
be sure to see them for all your dairy cattle feeding, milking, and manure
equipment!  (Tell 'em we sent you for a discount on teat dip!)
Even though we have set the Ripley's record for longest departure
time, we are actually looking at finally heading downstate in late
and plan to keep on going. Our route at this point wends through
Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia and then ultimately
Florida in December (ahhhhhh!). We plan to go missing from
Michigan from Oct through April annually. We'll have a cell phone number by the
time we leave, and, of course, can always be reached via email no matter where
we are!

Stay tuned for a Popeye cartoon.


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