Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Most expensive yard sale ever & a concert...

The latter part of 2009 saw us in Lubbock, Texas (hometown  of Buddy Holly), helping a friend with a huge estate sale. Judy had the chore of un-boxing  and preparing all the clothes that had sat for a year, and when she shook some out a big cloud of white powder rained enveloped her. A week later she began coughing and didn't stop for 5 months!

                                           yard sale of doom>>>
There were times we were able to perform when she was under the influence of powerful cough suppressants and steroids(!), but other than that it was pretty noisy and irritating, which actually fits right in with our act.
Fortunately this took place after our concert for the West Texas Bluegrass and Traditional music Association at Hillside Country Club.  That's not us--it's the opening act--and the house did fill up a bit more. Great audience, maybe the best bawkers ever!

By the way...does this seem right to you?

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