Saturday, July 30, 2011

A surprising treat in Grand Rapids!

Annually, now, our Michigan sojourn includes a tour around "the Mitt."

On our way, we often pass through Chelsea in southern Michigan, and this time we captured one of our favorite landmarks.  It reminds us of a bygone day when a local business could grow and prosper and not get sold out, relocated, and outsourced.

And their products are good!

Hang in there, Jiffy!

We sometimes treat ourselves to an overnight at Robinette's Orchard and Winery, just outside Grand

It's a piece of "country" that is grand rapidly being surrounded by development, and it's occupied with a family orchard & winery business that seems to have done everything right to become a first-class tourist destination.

Gorgeous wine cellar/shop/tasting room, charming gift/produce shop, museum, diner/ice cream parlor, picnic area, activities & demonstrations--what's not to love!



Here you can see our luxurious "rig" basking in the peaceful scenery of the RV parking area.

Now we must plug another wonderful organization we belong to, "Harvest Hosts,", which caters to the RV crowd. For a modest annual "dues" you can "dry camp" at a number of orchard/vineyards across the U.S., affording nice opportunities to act like a tourist, shop, and make new friends.

At a T/A outside TC, we had a lovely flashback we want to share:

Hope to see ya out there!

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