Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rio Grande Valley tour cont'd.

These lovely, wonderful sports joined us onstage at the Restful Valley RV park in Mission, Texas for a new number we've really been having great fun performing. Equipped with (complimentary) Hohner kazoos, they did yeoman's (yeowomen's?) service as the horn section on our rendition of June Carter's classic, "Ring Of Fire."

Then they stoically bore being outroduced as "The Washtubettes."

Well, they deserved better, and as soon as we come up with it, we'll have a more flattering appellation for our guest artists.

(Perhaps "The Appalachian Appellations"?)  Anyway, they did a great job and really enhanced the performance!

These lovely folks came to our show in Dream Valley, also in Mission, and turned out to be great at singing along ...

We try to remember to photograph our audiences since, from our point of view, they're the most important part of the show!

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