Monday, May 14, 2012


We arrived in (cue reverb) Branson just before the start of "the season," the very weekend some of the shows were opening for the first time since Christmas or the previous Fall; so, traffic was not bad.

We had heard, as did everyone within reach of media, of the tornado that hopped down Branson's "Strip," Highway 76.  Like any tornado, this one seemed to pick and choose ts targets, wrecking some places and sparing others.




 ...and undamaged, actually...


..and actually built to look this way!

Even local landmark, The Blue Bayou Motel, took a hit....

But, it's still Branson, operating full tilt, no delays, new shows popping everywhere, and a whole community focused on offering a quality service environment everywhere.  What a concept!

Next episode, we'll share a little bit about the entertainment we enjoyed there!


  1. Funny -- that last one built to look that way. :-)


    1. Our rig employs the same device. No, really--it's supposed to look like that!