Tuesday, June 11, 2013

At Large Once More!

Well, we don’t feel right saying “on the road again” due to copyright and triteness issues; but, here we are, sailing down the asphalt and concrete ribbons that make it possible for performers who can’t afford to fly to reach folks for a little fun.

From Owosso, we journeyed to Lansing, practically 40 miles away, where we performed for seniors at one of America’s premiere retirement communities and stayed the night.

Yes, it was a silly short trip, but the overnight on a luxurious mattress in air-conditioned comfort was most welcome after a rather trying and tiring two weeks getting ready to go.  We stayed ready to go for five years; then, with Judy’s opportunity to minister at a Christian boarding school, we went “ashore.”  Not all that amusing how difficult it was to gear up again; but, thanks to dear brother Jack, the van is in better shape than it has been for a couple of solar laps.

So, we’re at it again, only this time we’re headed south for the summer!  We anticipate losing some weight—sleep in the van, wring out the mattress in the morning.  (Ewwww!)

After a fine lunch from our hosts, we’ll be wending toward Columbus, Indiana.  Whitt spent the happiest (also the most medically challenged) part of his childhood in the country outside Terre Haute; so he always enjoys seeing Hoosierland. 

We’re committed to staying in touch here, so come back and check in.  We’ll have some photos next time.
Hope to see you out there!

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