Monday, September 28, 2015

Niagara Falls--at last!

At least one of us would like to claim we planned our postponed visit to Niagara Falls to occur as close to our 35th anniversary as possible.

Actually, it was a matter of being as close as we were likely to get.

We ended up only having a day to spend there, due to some mechanical needs; but, it was sufficient.

The views from the American side--even from the cantilevered viewing platform craning over the American edge like an unfinished bridge--are limited.

This was about the best shot we could get.  
Looks a lot like the myriad of postcards and stock photos we've all seen, doesn't it?

Okay, we're new at the selfie thing.
Gonna have to figure out this alignment business.

This was also the first time we set foot on Canadian soil,
though we lived a hop and skip from it for 14 years.
We didn't hop. skip, or jump, but we did go on foot.
The hike to the other side was worth it...
Here's the Canadian view, with a view of an average American included.

Judy kept carping about wanting a pic of these.  Well, carpe piscus!
This was just a tiny feature of a long expanse of beautiful gardens, lined by shops, that one wends through en route to the view from the other side.

This is one of the trams to and from the parking areas, and around the park--a sort of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride experience, making the round trip in half an hour.  We were in the most distant parking area (for RVs) and were very grateful for the $6 per person lift.

A plaque in the visitors center (which had no information desk!) quoted the first written account of sighting the falls as estimating the height at nearly 500 feet, even though its highest point is just 176 feet above the river's surface.  Oddly, we had each expected it to be higher and were just a little disappointed!  It is magnificent, but maybe all the movies have filled our heads with an exaggerated expectation.

Well, a couple of quick stops in Ohio, and it's Kansas City, here we come.

Hope to see you out there!

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