Monday, July 25, 2005

Good Sam's Club Samboree a new experience for MWT

We have some catching up to do, newswise, so we'll start with

the Good Neighbor Sam Samboree "down" in Midland.

It was the very first Samboree we ever attended.  Our dear friend, Gloria Lynne (Northern Michigan's country music sweetheart) hooked us up, and it was wonderful seeing her and Dwight there!  (We saw her perform in Comins a while back, and Dwight joined her onstage and sang!  Keep it up, Dwight!)

From the time we hit the front gate (ok, we just entered it) of the Midland State Fairground, we could tell it was a well-run event.

The audience of 300-400 was quick and enthusiastic, and many friendly faces greeted us at the after-party. (Some of the faces were even attached to bodies.) It's like a huge family reunion, and we were made to feel totally welcome.

If you do any RV-ing, we highly recommend visiting and joining these folks. Good Neighbor Sam Club is nationwide, and they do all sorts of fun things, as well as providing road services and other RVing necessities.

Best of all, they always have the very best entertainment at their Samborees! We're looking forward to our next opportunity to play at one. Maybe we'll see ya there!

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