Thursday, May 1, 2008

May might...

Tanker Tale
Well, let me tell you what happened to US the other day! We leave our gig at Winnwood (went well-they loved us) and Whitt says a little prayer for safety on the way home (as usual) and we are driving around 285 (ATL's beltway) and there's an accident. A trucker has obviously jammed on his brakes to avoid hitting someone (skid marks) and jack-knifed on the right side of the road. So now everyone's in a panic to move into the left lanes and rarely even signalling to do so. We stop, creep along, stop and a TANKER decides he wants to move over, and just starts coming, expecting us to just disappear I suppose. No one will let us in to the left and they are at a complete stand still anyway...but that doesn't stop Mr. Tanker. He gets his nose in front of us and just keeps coming-Whitt's honking like mad and we stare helplessly as he wedges us in and comes to a stop about an inch from us.
Now we are at an impasse. no one is letting us left and Tanker man can't really move without wiping us out...but does that stop Tanker man? You guessed it...He tries to point his nose back in his lane and continues to pull up which produces a hellacious scraping down the side of our van, jams the right rearview mirror back into the wing vent and pulls away.
Open mouthed, we jotted his license & company info and the mile marker down, noting the time of the vehicular assault, and proceeded home without the use of a right hand mirror, thinking, "Guess the answer to that 'get us home safely' thing was 'no'..."
We pulled in the driveway and got out to see the horrible damage and there, down the entire side of the van was....nothing. Not a scratch. The mirror was not broken; we moved it back in place and the wing vent was fine. As you can imagine we were mightily relieved and thankful.  Gosh! Is our life thrill packed or what?
Meanwhile, back at The Old Tucker Fountain...
Mike Holcomb is the proprietor of The Old Tucker Fountain, which refers to an actual old ice cream fountain located inside the Old Tucker Pharmacy, now turned diner. The original lunch counter still stands and tables and a stage have been added, with room for dancing to the oldies, or concert style for Sunday Bluegrass and B-B-Q night (a weekly event), and other soon-to-be announced upcoming events--
It's a comfortable family friendly place, where a few parents brought in their youngsters just to introduce them to live music while we were playing lunch hours there. Mike is a lifelong resident of Tucker and very committed to the community, as well as the idea of encouraging (and thereby preserving) live local music. (We were able to squeak by as "local" since Whitt's son, Justin, is our host here and a Tucker resident. How we passed for "live" is another issue.)  Stop in and say "Hi" to Ramone and Jada if you 're in the area!  They both made us feel welcome and cared for.
WRFG 83.9 FM--Radio Free Georgia!
WRFG is located in the large community center building near "Little Five Points,"  a picturesque area that still smacks a bit of the whole hippie thing.  Whitt thinks he may have had a flashback.  Or it may have been acid reflux.  
J.R., the host, included us in his weekly Bluegrass/Americana show or "The Peachstate Festival" as it's formally called.  
We filled an hour chatting and playing songs, and answering questions from listeners like,  "What's it like working and traveling fulltime with your spouse?"
We had a great time and so, apparently, did J.R., who immediately invited us back on the show live when we come through again in November!  Meanwhile, he's added our music to his airplay rotation, which, as every songwriter knows is the golden refried bean in the burrito that is music.  We are humbled and tickled, which may be wierd.
Well, kids, we're sorry but story time is over for now.  Stay tuned to this frantically-moving dot of phosphorescence for more exciting updates!
Americana for everyone!
Whitt & Judy
The McKinney Washtub Two

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