Monday, May 19, 2008

Whitt is Speechless!

It's true. Five years of performing togther, and this is the first time Whitt's lost his voice. (I'll let YOU make the jokes), and the first time we've had to cancel shows due to illness, which is really upsetting and disappointing on top of his being sick. ( Our continued heartfelt apologies to the cancellees, who were most gracious and understanding.) We were also unable to hit The Bluebird Cafe open mic in Nashville this lap around because of it, but God willing, there is always next season!

We feel Whitt's on the mend-just can't talk or sing yet, which puts a rather large crimp in the crumpet, to say the least, so we're resting up here in Shelbyville, Indiana, to be back to our special sort of "normal" by next weekend for the Chicago leg, and then it's on "home" to the pleasant penninsula of Michigan.

I just read that Dolly Parton had to cancel some gigs due to a back injury ( I am NOT making this up!) I imagine there is more disappointment for her fans (as well as more fans!) than ours, but it made me realize stuff happens to everyone, regardless of talent, wealth or cup size.

Hope to see you all soon!

Judy (The prevailing voice of the McKinney Washtub Two.)

*To see the most recent way our name has been manhandled click here.

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