Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Late McKinneys

Yeah, once again, the rumors of our dismise are greatly exaggerated...we're alive and kicking and on the road again!

The summer streaked by (Wait! Was it wearing pants?!), and we played many favorite places as well as a few new ones.

Got rained out half way through Our Grayling Summer Music & Art concert, but they promised to have us back for the second set! Great group of people too, so we're looking forward to it!

Petoskey was as beautiful as always (everywhere you look is a wonderful view of the lake, not to mention the flowers that abound in that town!)  and the Charlotte Ross Lee Concert we played was nestled into a really pretty park, and again, just a great audience. We also got to perform in the air-conditioned comfort of Petoskey's Horizon's Book Store. The best part of it was the intelligent, fun audience of children who stayed with us all afternoon, and even wound up doing a few songs with us. Who knew they were still out there?!

The Evart Dulcimer Festival was a highlight of the summer. We're constantly wowed by the musicians that just sit around and jam, as well as the big shows on the main stage every night, and how fascinating the hammered dulcimer can be in all it's incarnations: celtic, bluegrass, country and folk to name a few.

We played Jeff and Toni's Oscoda County Summer Music Series in Mio, to a bigger than usual, and responsive crowd. We were a little bummed by Bud and Sandra not being able to come out and play this time, but a conglomeration of folks called "Just Jammin'" filled in for them with a buffet of old timey and country music.

Rogers City has a huge band shell we played under, in a lovely park, right on lake Huron. Another big, fun crowd who made it a special evening for us--they want us back next year, so we musta done something right! 

We finished the month in Harbor Springs  for their "Street Musique." It's  beautiful little village on Lake Michigan. Four different acts play right on the sidewalks every Thursday night, during the summer...we were only about 20-30 feet from a professional juggler, and we'll add "juggler" to the list of whom you should never perform with or near (you know, like" kids or animals"), That guy was terrific! Even we can't compete with a unicycle, and a guy who juggles fire! When he wore out, the crowd finally moved our way and we had lots of fun. We finished up the evening with the best ice cream and gelato from "Yummies" on Main Street-we highly recommend it!



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