Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missouri Loves Company

(Who hasn't waited years to use that?)

We made it past the R.O.U.S.(rodents of unusual size) leaving Michigan--van intact this time!

Had a great time with the Illinois Samboree folks. The theme was "Roman Holiday" and we'd have suggested "Roamin' Holiday," but then we would've missed Jim Frcka's legs in that toga!" The long two-lane into Henry, Illinois walled on both sides by one endless corn field.
Our thanks to the Frka's for having us (we always love being had).

We made our way ever westward and encamped upon--er--visited family in North K.C., MO. (There were some crazy little women there, but Whitt graciously declined to get him one.)

Missouri is "The Show Me State" and Judy's sister and brother-in-law did their usual fine job of doing just that. (In a good way!) One of our favorite times was a large, well-attended arts fair downtown on the plaza in K.C. with a live jazz band on one of several performance stages.

A new festival towards the end of September, The Kewanna Fall Festival is held in a tiny town (a crossroads, really) that comes alive during the three-day festival each year with a parade, circus (elephants, tigers, and mares-oh my!), mule-wagon rides and even amusement park rides, some of which are free every day!
All this plus two stages of free entertainment, which included MWT for the first time. If you're in that part of the country the last part of Sept., check it out! It's a lotta fun for not much cash outlay.

That's it for September...
See ya on down the road!


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Not-so-common-sense from the road: "There you go" and "Have a good one" do not constitute a "Thank you."

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