Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here we go again...

Well, well...Quite a job we've done "keeping up with it," lovl!
So, we'll try again.   See, things have been changing so rapidly and we've been so busy trying to make lifestyle adjustments...Better back up and restart...

We've "gone ashore" for a while, something we'd been praying about for some time--the opportunity to stop chasing gigs around the country and just woodshed for awhile, getting geared up for what must be, of necessity, the next phase of our career.

This was facilitated by Judy's taking a job.  She is currently the Dean of Girls at the Christian boarding school where our daughter, Rachel, spent her Senior year.  It'll give us a few months to make repairs and upgrades, develop our online skills & marketing, and do some recording!!

We haven't put out a new CD in an embarrassingly long timeIt's not something you just whip into a campground and set up and do.  We squirm at the idea of folks taking home a recording that is, by mere dint of its age, not nearly the quality of performance they just enjoyed; so that's our ONE BIG GOAL for this time off the road.

So, we will be available on a limited basis this winter in Michigan; but we won't be heading out to tour again until Spring and Summer, when we'll probably be working in the upper Midwest.

Meanwhile, stay tuned, and we'll try to make this an entertaining stop for you in your e-travels!

This is a cop we saw in Carmel, Indiana.  We waited several minutes for him to wave us on.

Dude never moved a muscle.

Art, go figure!

Hope to see you out there.

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  1. Hey, I found this intersection on Google Earth; it's at 2nd Ave. Northwest and West Main Street, facing north, where the Monon Trail runs. The building in the background is Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream. But I can't find a "street view" photo with that cop in it! Are you SURE he was "art"? Maybe that was his name?