Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ohio Samboree

It was a Good Sam rally--they're called "Samborees" for those of you who are new to the planet--in Wapakoneta, Ohio, and they wanted a whole concert.  That's rare for us and our usually senior audiences; it's a lot of bottom time, even with an intermission, and there are other considerations, like meds, rally fatigue, and, of course, the bathroom.  Almost everyone stayed for the whole thing,

Here's the good-looking side of the crowd...

Don't let the midwest image fool you.  These folks came to have fun, and they did!

And here's the intelligent side...

If you're considering RVing, even for vacations, there are several RV clubs that offer a wide range of services and advantages that keep road life from feeling so lonely when you need help, and most of them hold rallies that create opportunities for fellowship, fun, food, daytrips, and shopping at vendors who cater to the mobile lifestyle.  Check out The Good Sam Club--one of the oldest and biggest--and they might even save you some dough on insurance!  They did for us.

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