Sunday, February 5, 2012

Halfway mark in the RGV

Halfway in terms of time, but not in terms of gigs.  All but a few performances are behind us, but we'll be here 5 or 6 more weeks.

Fiesta Village in Mission, Texas was a treat in a number of ways.

Gene, Activity Director for the park, helped us get set up, acted as emcee, and turned the lights back on for us so we could get these shots of the folks it's all about, our audience for the evening. 

These folks were so far away, it made our camera squint.

It was a fun-loving group, for sure, and they sang along well, too!

'Bout 150 brave souls who seemed like a party full of friends.  We're not sure whose, but any friend of theirs just might be a friend of ours!

There were even celebrities in the audience, who got together for a photo op with two of our guest artists for the evening and the washtub newbie who stayed long enough. 
The handsome bookends in the shot are RGV favorites, "Gomer & Patsy," known to us as Gary & Patricia. (Sorry, we can't name anyone else because they're fugitives of some kind, we think.)

Our guest artists, by the way, were among the worst, and therefore, most fun we've ever had!

After the show, as usual, several audients elected to try the bass; but the camera gal was off selling CDs (Hallelujah!) and only got a shot of the last one...

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