Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Passport to dentistry

Passport card...Interesting...You go to Walgreen's and stand in front of a screen while a young lady snaps you with a digital camera, and $10 and ten minutes later (if there's no one waiting ahead of you for anything), you're on the way to the Post Office, official photos in hand, for a 15-minute procedure they get $25 for, at which time you are sold a US Postal money order for $30 which is attached to your application and your original birth certificate and mailed, ominously by the same Postal "Service," to Washington where the State Department will perform a background check all over you.

Meanwhile, we were told, we could use the receipts we were issued to re-enter the country until our cards arrive in the mail!

So, we did.Thanks to our friends Cheryl and Don for taking this photo and showing us around!

There's nothing like a beautiful Mexican ciudad, with mission-style architecture balanced among adobe, brightly-painted stuccoes, and a fountain in the center of the square.
And Progresso is nothing like that.  Not the part we had time to walk to.
  Pretty much the best-looking part.
But, in truth, we went not as sightseers.  It was a quest for full-fillment.  We both needed dental work, which appears to be the prime service business in Progresso, pharmacies being the principal retail enterprise.  Must be a hundred dental offices & clinics, and half that many farmacias.

We had heard great things about the professionalism of these state-of-the-art competitors, the best part being the low low prices.   All true.
And it's not like we didn't see anything special.  We did.

Are these the ancient Aztec monuments to the Ghost Chickens of legend?  They had no appetite--must be stuffed already.

So, we finally did it: got the card, went to Mexico, got in the chair.


Ahhhh.  Back on American soil at last.

America--world leader in literacy!

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  1. How do you spell huuraayyy! Had a friend I worked with suggest the very same for my work,hope it went well.