Friday, February 17, 2012

Home stretch in the RGV

We enjoy the audiences we've found here.  They've seen their share of shows, and they appreciate a lot of the finer points of our show.  When a group is pretty much getting everything and singing along at every opportunity, it makes it great fun for us.
 We found just such a crowd at Eldorado Acres.
Aren't they handsome folks? And what excellent taste in entertainment!

As always, there was some interest in the old tub;
but he managed to distract them with the bass.

Next on the agenda was an out-of-the-way date in a town 85 miles northwest of the last burg in the archipelago we've been working in.  Off to Zapata...Shoe, Texas.  
Actually, that would be zapato; so it's really named after Emilio, we suppose.
There, at the Four Seasons RV Resort, we received a warm welcome.
(Ok, the gentlemen in the front looked a lot happier when we finished!)

And the tub, once again, got its share of attention.

There are still a few shows left for us here, as well as a special appearance with one of the better-known duos in the Valley, Gary & Patricia Crain of the very popular "Gomer & Patsy Show."

We'll be joining them for their new Cowboy Show, debuting at a private event for Tropic Star, one of the many resorts here.  Should be a lot of fun, 'cause, after all, that's our job!

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