Saturday, March 17, 2012

Passport Card update

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Well, we made our little trip to Old Mejixo using our receipts from the Post Office as proof we had "applied" for our right to cross our own border, which was evidently verified by computer upon our return.

We have been "rejected," meanwhile, because something, different in each of our cases, was "wrong" with our birth certificates.  Seems there's no uniform system state-to-state that meets all the U.S. State Department's requirements.  More fees and info from states is required.

One item is Judy's driver's license with our current address.  She couldn't get one from Texas because they require your original social security card (you remember, that card that says "not to be used for purposes of identification?), which she doesn't have.  Now the State Department has her original (remember they take your original only) birth certificate, wanting to see a license she can't get because ...well, you get the idea.
So...Do we wait 90 days for the application to expire and forget about the passcard in the hope least, we'll get our birth certificates back?   By that time, we'll be out of Texas, and tougher to get a license still

Thank you, kind Father, that we do not get all the government we pay for.

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  1. Love to hear adventures in "Americana"! I had a great time getting my passport in 2004, so I can relate to your experience. Also, I enjoy seeing the pictures of your audiences; that was a great idea. I never would have realized just how interested people could be in a stick, a piece of rope, and a galvanized tub. Go figure!

    Chas W