Saturday, March 31, 2012

MWT plays Austin City limits!

                               Please note: Videos are on the Welcome and Gigs pages.

Yes, the Austin Lone Star RV Resort is literally at the Austin City Limits, and we performed there Friday night!

Faithful to our policy of showing you our audience, even if it hurts, here they are:

(We think the gentleman at the faaaar right may have been exercising the "witness protection option" we usually offer.)  Here's the rest of the "crowd."
That's right.  Fourteen, counting Managers Sharon & Chuck, on the right in the photo just above, and, of course, witness protection guy.  But we had a lovely week at Austin Lone Star (a Carefree Resort) and, as usual, met some great folks.

Judy needed the week to relax after all the excitement meeting more celebrities in Boerne, Texas.

John looked pretty good, for being late and all, but Lou seemed a little pale.  (Whitt actually met Lou Costello in the flesh in a friend's kitchen in Tucson when Whitt was in the 6th grade.  The famous comic was in the rodeo parade that week.)

Now we're off to visit old friends, north of Houston and south of Dallas, and then, we'll be performing in Branson!
No, really.  Stay tuned, and you'll see.

Hope to see ya out there!

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