Friday, March 2, 2012

MWT launches new website/blog

Well, here we are, wondering where to begin…or re-begin.  To improve aspects of access, we’ve moved our site; and now we’re going to try to use this amazing internet tool to share our little adventure and interact more with all the new friends we're making as we travel.

(Some of us are making more friends than others...Watch that paw, buddy!)

For years we relied on (and under-utilized) our site designed by young genius Josh Way, receiving many compliments on the site’s design.  We want to point out, and thank him profusely for, his generosity .  He did the whole thing for us just to help us get started. 

As it inevitably will, online tech passed us by, rendering aspects of our site unworkable.  Between his real job as webmaster for a university, and the burgeoning success of his own projects, Josh simply could not afford the time to redo our site.  We understood completely, and are still very grateful to him for getting us started in such style.

Soooooo, we’ve moved and retooled with the help of another “web-ista, ” Donna McNicol, who was kind and patient and eased us into our new setup.  Donna is a full-time traveler too.  We may have finally exhausted her interest in webmastery; she is now focusing her attention on her writing!

We hope the change suits and works well for you, our guest, and we'll try to keep it all up to date, interesting, and (very important in our line of work) fun!
Due to dichnical tefficulties inherent in this format, we had to give up our playable washtub bass gimmick (a very popular feature thought up by Josh) for the time being, but we think we'll be able to get it working again, once things are less hectic.
So, to our four or five previous followers, “welcome once again,” and to you newcomers, “welcome once!”

We thank you for joining us, and hope you’ll be with us a long time!


  1. Lookin' good! It takes a lot of time and energy to create and maintain a web site. You've done very well. Ready to work on ours? LOL

    Melissa "One More Time"

    1. Here I am, right on top of it as usual.
      Thanks for stopping by! It's so lonely out in cyberspace!
      You don't want me doing yours--life's too short.
      Inscrutably smiley emoticon>>